Resighini Rancheria


Welcome to the website of the Resighini Rancheria. We are a federally recognized Tribe with a Reservation at the top of the Klamath River estuary. Our site explains who we are and provides information about the Klamath River. 

We strongly favor speedy removal of the Klamath Hydroelectric Project dams through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing process. We do not support dam removal through the Secretary of Interior’s Decision process because it includes implementation of the Klamath Settlement.  Our treaty rights and the government’s trust responsibility should not be changed for the next 50 years to favor politically powerful farm interests as part of dam removal (see Social Justice).  Dam owner PacifiCorp should be made to remove its polluting dams sooner than 2020 and replace their power generating capacity at the expense of their rate-payers, not at the expense of the citizens of California.

The Indian people of the Klamath River Basin, including Resighini Rancheria members, share a Harmony-based culture where all living creatures are part of a living river system. The Upper Klamath ecosystem historically provided clean water for the Lower Klamath River before the Klamath Project and development reduced lakes and wetlands by 80%. By preventing significant recovery of the marshes and shallow lakes of the Upper Klamath Basin, the Klamath Settlement will block the recovery of water quality as well as the endangered sucker fish and dozens of bird species dependent on the Tule Lake and Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuges.

Harmony would not be restored by the government dam removal process. Ecological restoration is needed to absorb nutrients and increase water storage so that the ecosystem service of clean water for salmon downstream is restored.

The Secretarial Decision is stalled because there is no authorizing legislation and there appears little prospect for either before the end of the year.  The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and Klamath Hydropower Settlement Agreement will be terminated automatically on December 31, 2012, if there is no Decision and/or authorizing legislation.  The Resighini Rancheria opposes extension of the Klamath Settlement and encourages others to similarly oppose such action. Future legislation and settlement needs to an ecological restoration approach, if we are to save the Klamath River and the salmon for future generations. NEW